The morning after

I sadly did not come close to my goal of watching 24 hours of a Christmas story much to my chagrin. Perhaps next year. There is always next year….. But all was not lost in the day. I was able to talk with several family members, which is always nice. The day was capped off by a party which was being thrown by friends of a friend. It was a nice evening and I somehow was over affected by alcohol I had drank. Not THAT over affected, but the beer seemed to be kicking my ass very handily so I cut off early. Eh. Oh drink. Drinking is interesting. I am going to hold off imbibing too much for the next few days. My next big night will be New Years. And even then it won’t be much since I have to drive back to Bend the next morning so I can properly be “on call” for snow. Hog wash I say.

So I am enjoying one more night of quietness here at Davenport. One more night to live in my thoughts with no one else around. I kind of forgot about the anniversary which is today. This time a year ago I was on a plane to London. The more I think about it, the more I want to be there right now. So I’m trying hard to avoid thinking about it by putting up backgrounds on my computer of London and sending emails and messages to my fellow travel mates from the trip, telling them I miss them and whatnot. It’s a very effective way to push the memories to the back of my mind.

In other news, my ceaseless quest to see all of AFI’s top 100 movies continues. On the ’97 list I have 6 more to see (one of which is on TiVo as we speak) and I believe I have 13 or so on the new list to see. Some of those 13 overlap with the 6 on the old list, so in reality it’s not too many more. When I started this 6 years ago, I didn’t think I would still be working on it so many years later. I guess life happens and silly goals like this get pushed to the side. If I can, I would like to wrap up the ’97 list this winter so I only the new one to conquer. Am I mindlessly babbling? I think so. I call this a silly goal, but in reality it has changed my whole perspective of film and has taken me farther into the art of film making than I ever realized it would. And really, now that I think about it, most of my goals are quite silly but I like them. And they give me something to do in life. They have completely shaped me as a person . I believe a better person. So there you have it.

Any who, I am going to try and track down the name of a church in Rome. It should be easy since I have no idea where exactly it is or really what it looks like. It may keep me busy the next three weeks. Cheers kids.

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