I searched my name last night and this webpage came up. I find this to be dangerous and also exciting at the same time. What will random strangers learn about me now? Not that I’m overly self involved, but when you have a webpage you always are looking to generate some traffic on your website so inevitably you end up searching for yourself. So I have over the years googled my name and before nothing came up. Maybe you should do it too.

Oh this is a fun game. Google “Your name is.” You need the quotation marks. When I google “Colleen is” I get back the following just in the top hits:

Colleen is a gift.
Colleen is in my extended network.
Colleen is a finalist in the 2005 Sundance Filmmaker’s Lab
Born in the 1940s, Colleen is the town’s source of gossip.
Fresh from baby boot camp, Colleen is such a happy baby.
Colleen is a better friend than Kevin.

See. Entertaining.

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