Holy cow. Could there be more Harry Potter stuff going on? Well, I guess now it’s beginning to die down now that the fifth movie and the last book have been released. It’s quite exciting. I’m sure a few of you participated in the madness. I made myself go out to B&N on Friday night and check out the crowds. I even spent an hour and half waiting to get INTO Barnes & Noble. Not to buy a book. Just to get inside. But it was a very festive atmosphere and how could I miss out on going to the last book release. I happened to venture into Borders the night of the book 5 release, made sure to be there for book 6 and of course book 7 as well. I’m sad that it’s all going to be kind of over soon. My Bloomsbury edition Deathly Hallows should arrive anywhere from this Friday to Tuesday. I’m still plugging away at my re-read of Half Blood Prince. I’m about half way through.

Any who, things are going well in Bend. Just working my butt off, trying to put a little extra cash in my pocket. I need to start saving up for the winter and for any up coming trips I may want to take. There are plans for a weekend trip to PHX. Of course there’s the trip to NYC planned and to Hawaii in the winter months. Yey Hawaii.

I think I may have mentioned it in the last post, but there’s pictures from the kid’s visit in the photos section. I hope to keep this page updated and interesting.

Oh and the picture above is of the bike I may be getting. I’ll be putting chrome fenders on it as well. And maybe a basket? And streamers? And a flag? And spoke noise makers? And baseball cards? Take care kids.

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