Oops. So here’s my life: work kicked into high gear. I’ve been working lots of overtime everyday. I’ve been studying for my CPA herbicide test when I get home for work. I’m lucky to make a decent dinner. It’s pretty crazy. Oh and then the last two weeks we’ve gone on trips. Two weeks ago we went to Newport. Last weekend we went up to Portland. Both awesome trips. I’ll have to get around to putting some pictures up. My birthday was in there somewhere. Oh and I got accepted to University of Westminster. So to say the least, May has been pretty busy. This weekend we’re finally taking some time to breath and stay here. I actually have my herbicide test this weekend on Saturday, but the rest of the day is mine as is Sunday. I imagine I’ll veg out and watch the 5 movies I have stored on TiVo that I want to watch.

I haven’t had a moment to do any writing or any other extra cirricular activity. I’m already behind schedule to go to bed on time. I’ve got to take a shower still……. Phew. I imagine the next 4 months will be more of the same. And then comes grad school…….

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