Another day is done

These weekends are getting depressing! It’s rained the last 4 weekends. No, not during the week. Just the weekends. This weekend I put it to work though. Tera, Robin and I went out for lunch at Alpenglow restaurant yesterday and on the wall they had these pictures of the painted hills. I thought it’d be nice to road trip there one day. I found out the best time to go is when it rains because the colors really pop out. So today as I sat here, doing little while it rained outside, I decided to go to the Painted Hills on my own. Wow, they are quite stunning. I look forward to going back again with other people. They’re located about two hours northeast of Bend. The drive is quite pleasant and didn’t seem like 2 hours. If you want to see pictures, I’ve posted a link in the photos section. I hope next time I go it’s sunny. All the signs there said how different the hills look in various lighting.
So yup. That was my big excursion for the weekend. We’ve got one last week at work of messed up schedule. Starting in May we’ll be making weekly visits to our accounts. It’s kind of fun jumping around all over God’s creation, but it’s very stressful as well. I never know for sure where we’ll be going next. Most of my accounts are pretty cool, so it should be a really good summer of work.

Alright kids, check out those pictures. They’re really pretty. Have a good week!

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