Good Good Friday

For some reason the title of this entry sparked this memory of Katherine and I coloring in some Easter pictures in our dorm. I can’t remember what the pictures were. I’m sure they were ridiculous. And then there was the curious incident of Katherine distributing chocolate bunnies to various rooms at Cholla. Her mother had given us about 12 chocolate bunnies in big boxes and we decided that Katherine should dress up as an Easter bunny. The costume consisted of baby blue lotion gloves from bed bath and beyond and a headband that I taped two little bunny ears too. I’m sure we confused quite a few college kids that night. Any ways…..

I just returned from Good Friday mass. I can only remember going to it one other time in my life and I believe it was with Katherine. I’ve been trying to get back on track with myself this week. There’s been quite a bit of drinking going on in the last 2 months and it’s affecting me. So we’re putting the kabash on it and going back to the basics. I’m already feeling better. Now I just need to get into pesky grad school…..

This weekend should be relaxing. We’re having a work party in celebration of Debby, my co-worker who died last weekend. That’s tomorrow and then Easter is Sunday. We’re going to take it easy. Settle my mind and find peace. And think about Jesus. Well, I hope those of you who are Christian have a blessed weekend. And everyone else, you can have a blessed weekend too. Take care kids.

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