The Big D

I’m in Dallas. Jduts and I have been out having a good time on the town. I have not yet been to Dallas proper but that may occur today.
We went to a midlake concert on Saturday night which was great. There was an opening band, well it was a one person band, called St. Vincent who we really enjoyed. And Midlake was of course excellent. The only problem with the concert was we had to show up at 7:30 to get tickets. The first band went on at 9:15 and Midlake finished up around 12:30. That translates to 5 hours of standing. Ugh. In the end it was worth it though. I got Jen to love Midlake too. If you haven’t checked them out, do it. I would describe them as having an old classic rock sound like the Eagles and Fleetwoodmac, but with an emo airyness. A hint of Badly Drawn Boy and Shins. It’s a good time. They have a really developed sound.
Yesterday we took a trip to Whole Foods because Jduts had never been! That poor soul. But now she’s in love of course. Although she wasn’t in love with how much it costs for a trip to Whole Foods. I always think it’s worth it. You just need to shop smart.
Today I am going to stay over at Matt’s tonight. Tomorrow I’m planning on taking off and heading to Phoenix. Should take two days. I’m enjoying my driving.

Ok, I don’t feel like writing anymore because it’s 8:43 AM and I’m hungry. Peace out.

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One thought on “The Big D

  1. Anonymous

    Im sad that all the mention of me and our good times is one line written even before you came to visit me.
    –Mr. Matthew T Fuck

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