Back to Oregon

No, I haven’t left for Oregon yet. Tis only a matter of time. I will know all of the sudden when it’s time to go. And it hasn’t happened yet.

Umm. As much as I love GP, I’ve decided to put my resume out to other places. I think there could be some better opportunities out there. Actually, I know ther are. It may require me to move to other parts of Oregon. We’ll see. GP may not even start me until April. That does not work for me my friends. I’m about to die financially. So yes. That’s what’s happening right now. We’ll keep you updated on how things pan out.

On another note. COLTS WIN!!! COLTS WIN!!! Yup. I went down to Indianapolis and watched the game with many a Colts fan. It was so much fun. I actually sat next to a guy who was from OR and who’s family lives in Bend. Small world. Any ways, the energy in the town was great. People were going nuts at the circle. Beating things, standing on the roofs of moving cars. Anarchy in the city. It was about 2 degrees out when they won. I can’t believe anyone was out. Never heard the report on how many people got frost bite during drunken debauchery celebration. My neice and nephew and I went to the Super Bowl rally. How many times do you get a chance to attend a Super Bowl rally? Not many, my friends. It was epic. 35,000-50,000 people in the RCA dome, woooing their asses off as the team paraded around the dome on floats. And then the team gets to thank the fans for being the bestest fans ever. It’s real fun. So I suggest having your football (or gridiron) team win the Super Bowl. You’ll never forget it.

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