4 days 21 hours 12 minutes and some odd seconds

So early in the morning.  Can’t sleep.  No time for sleep.  I came online because I realized I should put the money I worked for 5 months saving into my bank account so I could eat and perhaps pay for my hostel in London.  Probably a good idea, eh? 

So here I am.  I’m watching Color me Barbra on channel 11.  I guess I have a new found fetish for Barbra.  I watched Yentl the other night.  She was only 24 when she made this special I’m currently watching.  Same age as me.  I’m glad I’m on tv too in fabulous gowns, singing my heart out to my adoring fans.  I didn’t realize how young she was when she started.  Like 18/19.  Good for her.

Well, now that I sit here, I think that Mr. Sandman is coming to wisk me off to my bed again.  My eyes are beginning to get a little more heavy.  Thank goodness.  Good night.  I mean good morning.  4 days. 21 hours and 5 minutes now…….

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